Frontier Phone

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Basic Telephony Service
Service without contract
Unlimited Local Calls
30 min of long distance within the country
No Internet Required

$27.99*per monthfor 12 months.

Basic Service

Digital Phone Essentials

  • Service without contract
  • Unlimited Local Calls
  • 30 min of long distance within the country
  • No Internet Required


Unlimited Service

Digital Phone Unlimited

  • Service without contract
  • Unlimited calls within the country
  • Caller ID and Messaging Service
  • No Internet Required


6 Mbps + Telephone

Price For Life Internet & Phone

  • Download Speed up to 6 Mbps
  • We include the WiFi Wireless Service
  • Price For Life
  • Unlimited Local Calls


FiOS® 50M + Phone

FiOS® Internet 50 Mbps & Phone

  • Download Speed up to 50Mbps
  • We include the WiFi Wireless Service
  • Price Guaranteed for 2 Years
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calls


Frontier Phone Services

The Frontier Phone service consists of a residential telephone service in the which you can trust when you need it most. The Frontier Phone service is a tool indispensable for setting up alarm systems and for emergency situations; it also offers a local and long distance service with popular, such as caller ID and call waiting.

Frontier High Quality Digital Telephony

A phone Frontier means clear and consistent calls. Keeping in touch with your loved ones does not have to be difficult. With Frontier, you get a crystal clear and reliable connection every time. Talk to friends and family anywhere in the United States with Frontier's Unlimited Calling Plan.

With the Frontier Phone Service, you have guaranteed a clear and reliable connection with the unlimited national plan, you can talk without counting the minutes, without data plugs. A phone Frontier allows you to speak everything you want, without complications. With a Frontier phone in your house, there is no bad service, no problems during power outages, as you could with cell phone service. A phone with Frontier offers convenience and reliability.

Order your phone service along with a fast internet plan and you can upload photos, download music, watch movies, enjoy your favorite video games while talking on the phone with family and friends. You can also enable Wi-Fi service, which we include with your plan, from a central location in your home allows you to navigate, send, load or download practically anything you or your family need.

It's easy to switch to Frontier. We offer flexible terms and prices.